Preliminary Programme: Biology to Behaviour

30 August 2021 – Voluntary Motor Control

Conference Opening – karakia (prayer) mihi whakatau (welcome) opening remarks

Session 1.1    Challenges for Motor Control: Professor Michael Richardson (Macquarie University); Professor Nici Wenderoth (ETH, Zurich); Professor Daniel Wolpert (Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute, Columbia University, New York)

Session 1.2    Constructing a Motor Plan: Dr Adrian Haith (Johns Hopkins University); Dr Naveed Ejaz (IQRA University, Islamabad); Dr Katya Kornysheva (Bangor University, Wales)

Session 1.3    Movement Disorders: Professor Colum MacKinnon (University of Minnesota); Professor Mindy Levin (Magill University); Dr Anna Sadnicka (St Georges University of London)

31 August 2021 – Theoretical issues in Motor Control

Session 2.1    Moving from Biology to Behaviour: Professor Mark Latash (Penn State University); Professor Apostolos Georgopoulos (University of Minnesota): Dr Hayley MacDonald (University of Birmingham)

Session 2.2    Psychological Factors in Motor Control: Professor Daniel Hutto (University of Wollongong); Professor Karen Roelofs (Radboud University and the Donders Institute); Dr Arne Nieuwenhuys (University of Auckland)

Session 2.3    Dexterity, Prehension and Individuation: Professor Marco Santello (Arizona State University); Dr Jing Xu (University of Georgia, USA); Associate Professor Steven Chase (Carnegie Mellon University)

Board of the International Society of Motor Control Annual General Meeting – Virtual

01 September 2021 – Sensorimotor Systems

Session 3.1    Acquiring Movement Skill, Skilfully: Professor Rachael Seidler (University of Florida); Associate Professor Jordan Taylor (Princeton University); Dr Joseph Galea (University of Birmingham)

Session 3.2    Advantages and Challenges in Neurorehabilitation: Professor Carolee Winstein (University of Southern California); Professor Monica Perez (Shirley Ryan Ability Center and Northwestern University); Dr Daniele Piscitelli (Pacific University, Oregon)

Session 3.3    Progress in Sensorimotor Control: Professor John Montgomery (University of Auckland); Professor Chris Miall (University of Birmingham); Associate Professor Andrew Pruszynski (Western University in London, Cananda)

Presentation of the Bernstein Prize and Early Career Researcher award. Conference Closing

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